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Is Artificial Intelligence improving Education, Health Care, and Farming?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

The world is changing very rapidly, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important for society and any work. Thus, AI has come a long way with time passing through laboratories. Also, today we are going to tell you how it is changing your life. Now it operates for blindness in collaboration with doctors and also works with farmers in the fields.

what is AI?

Artificial Intelligence can be called the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. Specialties of AI include natural language processing, expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision.

What Is an Algorithm?

The algorithm is an important aspect of AI programming that receives data and transforms data into actionable information. It provides step-by-step instructions to computing devices to accomplish any specific task. Be it hardware or software, it uses algorithms to perform its routine tasks.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improving In Health Care?

Diabetes has increased very rapidly among adults around the world. And a very large population suffers from this disease. Presently, diabetic retinopathy (DR) is one of the main causes of avoidable blindness. It is very important to treat it as soon as it is detected early, it causes minimal damage. But the lack of well-trained ophthalmologists in rural areas in backward countries remains a challenge.

Now, this difficulty is being overcome through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some non-profit organizations are working to end blindness. Singapore-based Leben Care has started working in collaboration with several institutions.

Eyes built on Intel-powered technologies, using AI to help doctors diagnose the exact position of the retina in a short amount of time together. So, it gives complete information about the retina very well.

Now not only Intel but AI is also needed to detect DR. Google also helps detect diabetic retinopathy. AI algorithms are beginning to help physicians identify other diseases.

The Microsoft Seeing AI Research Project is designed for people who have very poor vision and have minimal vision. Since, AI uses machine learning to study, answer questions, computer vision, image, speech recognition, natural language processing, and recognize a person’s image. It can identify any currency notes in the world.

How Can Artificial Intelligence(AI) Improve Education? 

All the intellectuals of the world agree that the help of AI can improve education. Only then can we reach a higher level of education. Through AI, everyone can develop the necessary skills using AI-powered technologies.

AI education makes students more efficient. Also, helps them develop agency to make a difference in the world of tomorrow. So, students use it to identify problems and find solutions to them.

Realizing the importance of AI, many important institutions around the world have implemented some of the tools that help develop testing systems, mainly to aid in education. And, educational solutions are maturing as AI is developing. It is expected that in the coming times, with the help of AI, the education of schools will be further improved. It will also help the teachers a lot. Today’s students are our future, so they will need AI to prepare for the work of the future. Our educational institutions must make students aware of AI and use the technology of AI themselves.

What is the impact of artificial intelligence on education?

Artificial Intelligence has had a great impact in the field of education, it will bring rapid changes in AI education in the coming decades. AI accelerates the pace of learning and reduces the cost of education. New and best software are coming in this field

What is the advantage of AI in education?

AI helps students to improve the education process. directs them to the right courses. AI also improves communication with teachers.
Students who need extra support outside of the classroom can take help from AI.

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improving Agriculture?

AI has also proved to be very useful in the field of agriculture. An AI algorithm checks the wind direction to tell farmers where insects and worms will land on the farmer’s field. By knowing this in advance, the farmer avoids the loss of his crop. The use of AI also provides customized help for planting crops.

Nutrients in the soil are very important for both crop health and the quantity and quality of the produce. Earlier soil quality checks and crop health observations were done by humans. There was also the possibility of error. Drones (UAVs) are now used to capture air data. Thus, computer vision models are in operation to check the exact condition of the crop and the soil. Which gives better results and benefits the farmers

How Does Google Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Google has made great use of AI in the language field. Many of us only know our mother tongue and prefer to work in that language. Now Google has made this thing very easy for us through AI. Now we can break the language barrier.

Google hasn’t just worked on language, it’s also working on air quality checks, weather alerts, accurate flood predictions, and climate information that can prevent major losses by providing critical information ahead of time.

What is Google’s AI strategy?

Google’s first strategy is to develop AI a lot. It aims to dominate the core data science and computer technology sectors. If successful, Google will get a lot of profit in business with its modern AI technology.

These are some examples of AI that has improved the quality of human life. AI for social good is indeed like a worldwide movement, whose aim is to provide service for good health, care for the environment, help in quality education, and search for welfare measures.

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