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convert pdf to ppt slide powerpoint conversion

How to convert PDF using PDFelement?

PDFelement is a must-have download that provides a plethora of editing possibilities for PDF documents. It contains a lot of stuff to work with. By using it, you will get the ability to alter text, pi...

apple new ipad

Apple has Introduced New iPad

Today Apple has introduced its new tablets. Apple has introduced the iPad Air with a new design. In this small screen bezel tablet, Apple has added a USB-C port instead of lighting. The display of thi...

Google Maps

Make Useful Use of Google Maps

Do users of paper maps know what ‘Google Maps’ is all about? It has all the features that one and a half to two decades ago did not even dream of, but did you know that Google Maps also ha...

How to Play Youtube in Background?

How to Play Youtube in Background?

YouTube is the television of the world of the internet, so it should be that we run it in the background, but Google does not provide this facility because it is a special feature of YouTube that is a...