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Konvertor – Convert Almost ALL Image File Types

image converter
image converter

Windows File Manager has many basic features. In contrast, if we talk about “Konvertor” (Konvertor), it is an all-art file manager, because it has support for more than 4200 formats. Yes, whether it’s photos, videos, archive files, songs, document files, or web files, you can view all the files in this manager.

When it comes to images, you can see images from around 2034 formats, not only view but also improve their quality, apply filters on them and put interesting and funny effects on them. Are Speaking of songs, it has support for 795 different formats, be it MP3 or 4. The song file can be played in any format you have.

There is no shortage of video formats. It supports 230 formats. Not only can you watch videos in it, but you can also converter, extract, and split them.

Mention document files, you can see all kinds of files in it, even web files such as text files. PHP and HTML files can be seen in it. Whether it’s archive files, zip files, or RAR, seven zip files, or TGZ, it’s possible to see everything in it.

One thing is for sure, if you use a “converter” file manager, life becomes easier in simple words. If you see a file in it, its preview looks great and the required file can be found immediately. As shown in the thumbnail of the image, it displays the initial text in the document file.

Most importantly, this program used to be available for free but is now available for free, so download it today.

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