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Google Gave a Lovely Gift For The New Year | Google Congratulates You By Making a Doodle


The search engine Google has given a lovely gift to the people of the new year. Google has congratulated the new year by making a doodle in a very cute way.

The interesting thing is that from December 31, before the new year, the doodle was visible to the visitor on Google. The doodle has been decorated very beautifully with jacklights and graffiti. When the new year started, the candy seen in the doodle popped and then started the process of congratulating 2022. The search engine Google celebrated the new year in this way.

What was special about this Google doodle?

  • This doodle was visible on the search engine Google since December 31.
  • Its candy sin at noon in the night.
  • The doodle is decorated with jacklights and graffiti.

You can also enjoy this Google Doodle

Well, you can also take full advantage of this Google Doodle. You can congratulate your friends. Its method is also very easy. As soon as you click on this doodle, many gifs will open which you can share with your friends. Click on the Share button of the gif you like and share with your friends. Isn’t it! A special way to wish your friends a happy year and that is too easy.

Know some special things about the calendar that determines the year.

Actually, according to the Gregorian calendar, January 1 is there to be the beginning of the new year. The Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar are considered the modern criteria for determining the year, month, and week. This calendar is based on the calculation of the solar year. Before the Gregorian calendar, many other calendars were followed, in which January 1 was considered to be the beginning of the new year, but there was a difference in the number of days in the year. Many astronomers took the initiative to bridge this gap.

There is a tradition of taking resolution on January 1

Do you know that many people believe that there is a tradition to take a resolution on 1st January? That is, on the opening day of the year, promise to leave something to yourself, promise to do something new. It is a resolve to do something new in a way. Resolve to complete the work that you could not do last year.

Thinkerbabu requests that take a pledge to follow the corona rules in the resolution

Thinkerbabu calls upon all of you to take an important resolution today on January 1 to mark the beginning of the new year. Take a pledge that everyone will follow the guidelines of Corona and inspire others to do the same. Corona’s battle is still going on. Omicron’s infection is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, only the collective resolve of all of us can limit its effect. That is why we must follow the guideline of Covid sincerely and keep motivating others for the same. Always wear a mask, follow social distance, wash hands frequently.

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