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Ghislaine Maxwell helped Jeffrey Epstein Abuse Girls

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell

There has been a lot of uproars after the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein came to know about the sexual abuse of young girls. Also, the Investigations have revealed that Ghislaine Maxwell had a hand in recruiting and trafficking young girls.

Finally, he has been found guilty in five of the six cases. The most serious case is that they also smuggled a minor who was sexually abused.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein was born and raised in New York. He was in contact with Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns and within four years became a partner there. By 1982, he had formed his own firm – Jay Epstein & Co. Close to Donald Trump. Donald Trump told New York Magazine in 2002, “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Very nice guy.”

A 12-person jury was formed in New York to deliver the verdict after five full days of deliberation. After the verdict of this jury, it is being speculated that the rest of the life of the British socialite will be behind bars.

A month-long trial followed during the verdict was followed by four women who testified in full detail of Epstein’s sexual abuse between 1994 and 2004.

Maxwell did not react when the verdict was delivered on Wednesday. Nor did he get distracted but he remained absolutely calm. He asked for a glass of water, which he drank twice.

Legal Counsel

His legal counsel, Bobby Sternheim, said in response to a question from reporters, “We strongly believe in the innocence of Ghislaine. Also, we are already working on an appeal. We hope that Bobbi Sternheim will get one.” day we can prove our innocence.

Annie Farmer is the woman who fearlessly testified against Maxwell. Then, she said after the verdict that “I am very relieved and grateful to the jury that they recognized the hunter and gave us justice.”

She further added that “I hope this judgment will bring solace to all the women who have gone through this difficult situation. So, who needs this kind of justice and it shows that no one is above the law.”

Maxwell was found guilty of:

  • sex trafficking of minor girls
  • Carrying of minor girls with intent to engage in sexual activity which is criminal activity. Conspiracy to sexually abuse minors
  • Traveling for minor girls to engage in illegal sex acts
  • To prepare for sexual exploitation by giving all kinds of lures
  • Refusing to go to the law after being sexually abused

US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams warmly welcomed the verdict and commended the “bravery” of the victims. So, said that every woman should learn from them and get justice

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