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How To Hide Your Private Photos From Family Members? | A New Feature Of Google Photos

How To Hide Private Photos
How To Hide Private Photos

Google keeps on bringing many apps for its users from time to time. Google has recently rolled out a new and great feature “Locked Folder “in its photo storage app “Google Photos”. By using this feature you will keep your private or special photos and videos safe and no one can see them except you.

No introduction of any kind to Google is needed. Google’s app Google Photos is a very popular app in which we all save our photos and videos on our phones. Recently Google Photos has released a new feature that makes users very happy. Using this feature, you can keep your private photos and videos locked so that your privacy remains. Let’s know about this new feature. What is this feature and how does it work?

What is the new feature of Google Photos?

Google gives great importance to your privacy. This new feature keeps your privacy. No one can see any of your photos or videos without your permission. You can maintain your privacy by using the Locked Folder present in this feature.

How to set password protect in google photos?

With this new feature, you can protect your private photos and videos with a password. It has a ‘Locked Folder’ where you can create a separate folder of specific photos and videos which requires entering a password to access. The most important thing is that those photos are not even visible in the general gallery. You will be able to unlock this folder with your own password, your fingerprint, or pattern.

How to use the feature of Google Photos?

It is important that you have a password lock installed on your smartphone only then you will be able to use this feature as you will need the same password again to open the locked folder. Then you open the Google Photos app on your phone and select the photos and videos that you want to keep private. Put them in this locked folder. You have to click on the ‘More’ option on the right and click on ‘Move to Locked Folder’ to complete the function. Now your picture or video is private.

How to access the Google Photos folder?

If you want to see the photos and videos that you have put in your locked folder, then there is a special way for that. To do this, you have to first open the Google Photos app on your smartphone. Then you will see four options at the top of the screen, in which the second option will be ‘Utilities’. As soon as you click on this option, you will see the option of locked folders. By going to this file, you will be able to see those photos and videos which you have kept locked.

What’s New in Google Locked Folders Features?

We have already told this above that whatever photos and videos you shift in this newly locked folder will not be visible in the gallery. It is so secure that your photos and videos will not be visible in any app. Under the safety feature, it has been made such that it is not visible in any photo book or album. Even if a gallery picture or video is played on Google’s smart display like your Nest Hub, the photos of the locked album will not be visible there. Google initially released this feature only for its flagship Pixel smartphones but now this feature has been rolled out for all Android users as well. Soon iOS users will also be able to use it.

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