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Video Convertor

Converting videos was not so popular a few years ago but now with the advent of different devices, everyone needs a video converter. Often you need to convert videos for screen size, such as converting a video from a desktop to a smartphone. Or we have to reduce the size of the videos to share, as WhatsApp does not allow the sharing of videos larger than 20 MB, so we have to reduce the size of the video. You may also have an old DVD or CD that you want to convert to watch on a computer.

Good Video Converter Program

All of these factors require you to have a good video converter program. The good news is that the first version of HandBrake, the best video converter that has been in development for the last 13 years, has finally been released. Despite its excellent performance, the program was still a beta version for the last thirteen years. Updates kept coming, but no version was finalized. But now, at the end of last year and the arrival of the new year, the first final version has finally been released.

Support All Popular Formats

When it comes to converting videos. It has support for all popular formats, has excellent audio performance, and has the option to add subtitles. Also, the most important thing is that this program is available. For Windows as well as Linux and Mac systems absolutely free of charge. But it is available under the GPL license, ie the source code if you want. You can also make your own changes to it. Also, there are no ads of any kind. If you want to get a professional and free video converter, you must choose “Handbrake Video Converter”. Beginners, don’t forget to read the instructions on how to use this program first.

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