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How to Play Youtube in Background?

How to Play Youtube in Background?
How to Play Youtube in Background?

YouTube is the television of the world of the internet, so it should be that we run it in the background, but Google does not provide this facility because it is a special feature of YouTube that is available only on the subscription of “YouTube Red”.

That’s why YouTube only runs in the foreground, meaning you can’t use the phone while you’re watching You Tube. Listening to music or your favorite podcast, you can’t do anything else.

But … There is definitely a way to test YouTube videos in the background, which was discovered during a Google Pixel 2 test.

You probably know about the Telegram app which is a great app just like WhatsApp. The Android version is capable of playing live YouTube videos. This is normal, but the fun part is that you can minimize the telegram, even if you turn it off, the sound of YouTube video keeps coming.

Now the easy way out is for anyone who wants to hear (but not see), to text themselves, run, and get on with their work.

It is said that one discovery always opens the door to another. Sacrificing your favorite messaging app for YouTube is not a good thing, so it was important to find out if there is another way to run YouTube in the background.

Some Phone Split Screens

Some phone split screens like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 allow multitasking, meaning you can play YouTube on half the screen while doing anything, but it’s not something like running in the background. Then if you use an iPhone, the telegram trick won’t work. So what to do For that we had to filter the browsers.

The easiest way to install a third-party browser on the iPhone. Such as Dolphin, is to play YouTube videos on it, exit the app, and playback from the iOS Control Center.

The same is true for Android users, but the easiest way for them is to run Google’s Chrome browser. Open the desktop version of YouTube in Chrome, not mobile. If you open You Tube, the first mobile version opens, you change it to the desktop version. Then open the video you want to play and exit the app and play the video with a notification. Only the sound will reach you.

This trick may not work on all versions of Android and if it does. Google may soon shut down because it is a special feature of You Tube Red. Therefore, it is better to keep looking for new ways and know about them. If we find out, we will definitely write about it.

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