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How to work with Tux Paint?

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Tux Paint is totally free software, delivered as “Open Source” software, under the arrangements of the GNU General Public License (GPL), form 2. This implies you might download it and install it on however many machines as you wish. You can duplicate it for loved ones, and offer it to your nearby schools. Truth be told, we energize this!

Tux Paint runs on most frameworks, yet check the Requirements in case you’re uncertain whether your framework can uphold it.

What is Tux Paint?

Tux Paint is a free drawing application planned by its engineers to fill in as the principal acquaintance that more youthful children have with drawing and painting with PCs. When you perceive how much fun your children have, however, you might need to give it a shot for yourself.

Components and Features

This application accompanies various components that you can change and set up dependent on the age of your children and how they play with the application. It even allows you to change the manner in which your children save their work. You can advise it to consistently ask prior to saving another drawing on top of one made previously, to naturally overwrite a more seasoned picture when your kid draws another one. Or you can also keep the old drawing and save the upgraded one in another document. It additionally has an autosave alternative that naturally saves the work your youngster did when the application closes down. This can forestall fits and crying fits brought about kids losing their work when the PC closes down or the battery passes on.

Probably the best component of this drawing application is that it comes previously stacked with various layouts. These layouts really turn your PC into a shading book. Every format utilizes dim dark lines to make the layout of a drawing. Clients can choose a layout from the landing page and pick tones to use on those pages. Clients likewise have the alternative of picking a clear page to make a drawing or making a drawing on top of a beautiful foundation.

Working with Tux Paint

Regardless of whether drawing or shading, this application is not difficult to utilize. It includes almost 20 unique tones that you can browse on the lower part of the screen, including dark, green, purple, and red. Tapping on any shading loads it onto your virtual brush and afterward shows up on the screen as you move your mouse. The right half of the screen shows you every one of the brushes that you can utilize and gives you a thought of the impact that everyone makes.

Every one of the included tools shows up in a rundown on the left half of the screen. You can utilize a paintbrush, plan and utilize your own stamp, embed messages, add lines or make shapes. It likewise has fixed and delete capacities to assist you with disposing of missteps. Grown-ups and children, everything being equal, will like utilizing Tux Paint to make their own drawings and to improve fun formats.


  • Free option in contrast to drawing applications for youngsters and grown-ups
  • Accompanies layouts that copy shading book pages
  • Has a possibility to survey all craftsmanship made in a slideshow
  • Incorporates a possibility for adding audio cues to pictures
  • Elements various fun and intriguing tools


  • Looks pretty obsolete and old when contrasted with fresher drawing applications
  • A few elements are confounding to utilize
  • Habitually runs slow or crashes itself

If you want to have a try, you can download this software by clicking here.

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