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Make Useful Use of Google Maps

Google Maps
Google Maps

Do users of paper maps know what ‘Google Maps’ is all about? It has all the features that one and a half to two decades ago did not even dream of, but did you know that Google Maps also has some features that are not known to the general public?

Let us tell you about some of the features that will make you a fan of Google Maps as it will make your life easier!
Without touching

Using a mobile phone while driving is very dangerous, you know that. Even if you don’t see on Google Maps where to take the next turn, a moment’s lapse can cause irreparable damage. There is an easy way to avoid this. If you have an Android phone, there is a whole series of voice commands that can come in handy while driving.

Open Voice Commando via “Okay, Google” and try it out with these few sentences

“What road is this?”
“What’s my next turn?”
“What’s my ETA?”
“How’s traffic ahead?”
“How’s traffic to work?”
“Find gas stations”
“Find restaurants”
“Navigate home”
“Exit navigation”

Not only this, with the help of voice calls you can give instructions while driving, texting, or playing music. That is, eyes on the road and the rest of the work of Google!


Open Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone and tap on the little blue circle that shows your current location. This will open a menu that includes a ‘Save existing parking location’. Save it and then keep walking around the markets and whenever you plan to go back open Maps and tap on “parking location” which will be at the bottom of the screen. That means you no longer have to worry about the car. Where did you park? Because Google never forgets.

Location Sharing with Google Maps

Are you trying to understand someone but can’t understand? So use the location sharing option of Google Maps, but Google Maps even gives the option of real-time location sharing. Just open Maps and click on the blue circle that shows your current location. Tap “share your location.” You can also share your location with and also give its private link on the web wherever you want.

What’s Nearby?

Whether you’re in a new place or a new city and want to know about the neighborhood or whether you’re looking for a gas station or a restaurant, a store, or a cafeteria while traveling, you can easily find it all on Google Maps. can. All you have to do is ask the following questions in the search bar:

“Restaurants near here”
Book stores near the airport
“Gas stations on Shahrah-e-Faisal”

You can also use the Explore tab in the bottom bar of Google Maps to tell you about nearby restaurants and ATMs.

Traffic estimates With Google Maps

Google Maps tells you how much traffic is currently on which road, but did you know that Google Maps can also tell you where on what day and at what time? To do this, you need to open the desktop version of Maps. Click on the directions button here and enter both where you want to go and where you want to go. Now here you will see Leave Now just below the address bar. When you open it, you will see Depart at and Arrive by. Here you can find out the traffic situation and travel duration on any given day and time.

Distance between different locations

Would you like to know how far you walked in the early morning? Or do you want to know the distance between any two places? So Google Maps has the ability to tell the most accurate distance. All you have to do is hold your finger down for a moment to start measuring the distance. A red pin will appear, along with a white bar at the bottom, which will give information about the place. When you open this bar, you will also see the Measure distance. Select it and measure the distance directly between the two locations by selecting another location. But you can also measure the distance by adding different points between the two locations. When you reach there, you have to add Add point from the bottom right, and by adding points in this way you can measure the desired distance.


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