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The Governor of Meghalaya Spoke About The Heated Debate With PM Modi

PM Modi
PM Modi

Called Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘arrogant’

During a social program organized in Dadri, Haryana, Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik strongly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also narrated the incident of a debate with him. Malik was counting the shortcomings of three new agricultural laws of the central government in this program and was discussing his efforts made against this law. In this sequence, while narrating an incident of debate with PM Modi, he also accused him of being arrogant.

He told that he once went to meet PM Modi regarding the controversial agricultural laws of the Center, where he got into an argument within just 5 minutes. He told that Modi was so proud that the debate took place within 5 minutes. Criticizing him, Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik said that he was in “arrogance” when he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding these laws.

On what issue did you quarrel with Modi ji?

Satyapal Malik said that when I told Modi Ji that 500 of our people died, he said – are dead for me? Malik immediately attacked and said that “you were dead for you, who you have become the king”. Malik told that in this way I got into a fight. Then Modi said that “you meet Amit Shah now”. And then Malik went to meet Amit Shah.

Governor Satya Pal Malik said this while talking to reporters in a program organized in Haryana. Criticizing Pim, he said that Modi had no option but to withdraw the agricultural laws. Referring to the widespread public opposition to the new agricultural laws, Satya Pal Malik alleged that Modi had no option but to withdraw the law.

Farmers should make law on MSP

In that program, Satyapal Malik said that farmers should make laws on MSP so that farmers can have legal rights on it. But the new agricultural law was going to spoil everything for the farmer. So we need MSP legal guarantee and not something that spoils everything.

He said that “many cases against farmers are still pending. The government should take them back by showing honesty. Malik said that the government should show honesty. Withdraw pending cases against farmers. The government should make such a law so that a legal guarantee can be given on MSP.

Who is Satyapal Malik?

Satyapal Malik is a well-known name in politics. Presently he is the 19th Governor of Meghalaya. Earlier, he had also been the governor of Bihar and Jammu, and Kashmir. He has also been an MP from the Aligarh seat from the Janata Dal. After the Janata Dal, he also contested the Samajwadi Party, in which he was defeated. Satya Pal Malik has also been the National Vice President of BJP.

Satyapal Malik has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past as well.

This is not the first time that the Governor of Meghalaya has criticized PM Modi. He has been recognized as a critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Satyapal Malik has criticized the central government and PM Narendra Modi many times regarding agricultural laws. Earlier in November last year, he had criticized Modi during a program in Jaipur. Supporting the demands of the farmers, he demanded the withdrawal of the new three agricultural laws, saying that whenever he speaks on this issue, he starts apprehensively that a call will come from Delhi in a few days. That is, he will be removed from the post of governor.

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