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Russia excited By the Test of Hypersonic Cruise Missile

Hypersonic Cruise Missile
Hypersonic Cruise Missile

By a report, Russia has tested a hypersonic cruise missile. In consideration, it is very important for the military power of Russia. Russia has test-fired about 10 Tsikron hypersonic cruise missiles from a frigate last Friday, according to Russia’s prestigious Interfax news agency. It is a modern generation missile. Significantly, Russia has test-fired two hypersonic cruise missiles from a submarine. That is why that this test of his is even more special.

What is Hypersonic Missile?

Hypersonic missiles travel very fast and reach the upper atmosphere at more than five times the speed of sound. Their speed is about 6,200 km per hour.

How powerful is a hypersonic cruise missile?

Hypersonic missiles are considered very powerful, while there are more powerful missiles than this, but it has a lot of importance. Hypersonic weapons are considered particularly useful for warfare. These missiles can strike their targets with sticks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also confirmed this. He has said that this important test will bring modernity to the way we use our weapons. Our weapons will also join the modern generation of technology.

Hypersonic cruise missiles very important for the country

The President of Russia has described this missile test as very important for the country. He has considered it very special in the direction of raising Russia’s defense capability on a global scale. However, some experts of the world are also raising questions about its quality. Putin called it a major event in the country’s life after the missile test, saying it was an important step in boosting Russia’s defense capabilities. We are going to do more such tests in the future.

Many missile experts of the world have not considered this test as important as the Russian President is telling. Experts say that it is not easy to control and track the speed of hypersonic missiles, their maneuverability at altitude. In such a situation, the use of these new-generation weapons can be even riskier. How appropriate is it to use modern generation weapons when there is no control over them? However, the Russian President has not given any explanation for these things. He said that these weapons can help to beat America’s military force.

It is noteworthy that due to military competition with America, the Russian President is giving a lot of support to these tests.

Significantly, in the year 2018 itself, Russian President Putin has said that his country has enough capability in a hypersonic cruise that he can target any point in the world. Even America’s missile shield. This is a significant achievement for them.

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