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S in Different Fonts, Styles, and Text Effects

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In this article, I’ll show you the letter S in different fonts and effects. This is a great way to explore new creative assets!

There’s a vast amount of fonts and effects as assets. Every designer has a different creative interpretation of a particular character. This is a great way to explore various fonts we wouldn’t usually try. In this article, I’ll show you the letter S in various fonts and styles so you can get inspired. 

If you’re looking for characters like the letter S in stylish fonts and text effects, be sure to check out Envato Elements assets that can help take your project to the next level.

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1. S in Different Styles, Retro/Vintage

This Retro Vintage text effect is applied to the font Rockinsoda. This letter S font style is different from your typical clean-cut S. The unevenness on the lower part of the S makes it look more relaxed. The old-style signage effect is whimsical and gives the S letter a stylish font display.

2. S in Different Styles, Papercut

Papercut text effects give an awesome illusion of depth. If you’re using a visually busy effect, try to go for a simpler and versatile font like Origin. The textures on the different levels of cut paper are super realistic. You can try this effect with different S letter style fonts.

3. S in Different Styles, Old Movie Title

Condensed letter S font styles are tricky to design because of the proportion. Billrocks is a sans serif display font that’s so representative of old movie font designs. The text effect applied to it is inspired by retro drama genre movies. This black and white Old Movie title effect gives the letter s font style a big oomph and transports us to another time.

4. S in Different Styles, VHS Distortion Text Effect

Glitching effects are notorious for looking a little fake. Glitching is almost synonymous with random. This glitch text effect is applied to an S letter in a stylish font to achieve the broken pixels VHS distortion. The letter S font used here is Noir Pro, it has contemporary lines, and it’s inspired by early 20th century typefaces. 

5. S in Different Styles, Women in Pink Effect

This Women Pink text style comes in a lovely bubble gum pink color. It’s paired with Lemonade, a handwritten font to add a relaxed feeling to the character. You could pair the text effect with the S letter in different fonts from Envato Elements. 

6. S in Different Styles, Papercut Text Effect

Scissor cutouts aren’t always precise. This Papercut text effect mimics the way paper lifts up at the edges very realistically. The effect is paired with the font Hitchcut, inspired by Hitchcock and the movie Vertigo. This type of S font style has very straight lines, perfect for scissors! It’s also playful and childlike, so it complements the text effect perfectly.

7. S in Different Styles, Toast 3D Effect

Cool and cartoon-like text effects are hard to find. This Toast 3D text effect imitates the puffiness of bread so well. The S letter is in stylish font BoldenVan, and it has a rounded and bold look. This pairing could be used as a cartoon intro or in a children’s book.

8. S in Different Styles, Vintage Text Destroyer

Disintegrating and scattered text effects are tricky to create because they need to look random. This Vintage Text Destroyer effect creates pulverised and dusty edges that give the S font style an added cool effect. The S font style is Calasans, a layered font that can give you multiple awesome looks.

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9. S in Different Styles, Letterpress Print

Text effects that try to replicate the handmade look are not always successful. Letterpress printing is especially hard because texture and ink consistency are key to creating a unique look. This super-realistic Letterpress Print Kit even includes the overlay effect the same way it would happen on a real machine. Since letterpress has been around for over a hundred years, we paired it with an S font style inspired by posters of the early 20th century. Fonseca is geometric and modern, with a retro look. This pairing is great for editorial and packing projects. 

10. S in Different Styles, Soap Bubbles

If you’re looking for an S letter in a stylish font, Chelsy is a great handwritten sans serif that’s highly legible. This S font style is relaxed and informal. Here it is paired with a Soap Bubbles text effect that transforms any font into having rounder edges and enhancing the bubble look even more.

11. S in Different Styles, Paper Effect

This unique and realistic Paper cardboard cutout text effect is great. This look has realistic lighting, shadow, and texture. The cardboard looks as if it was cut with a box knife and pushed out. The S letter style font is Headline, which is sharp and bold to emphasise the clean cuts of the text effect. 

12. S in Different Styles, Glitch Effect

Broken pixels and corrupted colors from text effects can create a careful and controlled distortion. This awesome Glitch text effect mixed with S in different font styles can give you a futuristic look. The font used here is a modern sci-fi font called Great. The mix of the glitch and the s letter style font is clean but also edgy.

13. S in Different Styles, Comic Text Effect

Comic book fonts can give an S font style that’s fun and add emphasis to a project. This Boom Comic font is bold and fun. It’s paired with a Comic book text effect that’s inspired by 80s mockups. The result is an S letter in a stylish font that’s fun and unique.

14. S in Different Styles, Neon Effect

The 80s are famous for vibrant, neon lights from discos and sci-fi movies. This Neon layer style is bright and fun. Try this text effect with the letter S in various fonts like script or sans serif for a different feeling. The font used here is Outrunner 80s Retro Script, and it’s best suited for classic designs like invitations and logos.

15. S in Different Styles, Foil Balloon

Playful and stylish balloon fonts can look underdesigned. A properly designed font will have consistent curves that help with legibility while maintaining a fun atmosphere, like Bomber Balloon. Here it’s paired with a Foil Balloon text effect to make shiny, colorful balloons. This pair is best suited for birthday cards and graphics for Valentine’s Day or New Year. 

Learn how to create this text effect with our Inflatable 3D Frilly Text Effect in Photoshop tutorial.

16. S in Different Styles, Photocopier Glitch

Grunge effects from the 90s can make text look super distorted and cool by using displacement maps. Depending on the color, you can also create a futuristic look with the help of this Photocopier Glitch text effect. The S letter style font here is Nickels, a fun and bold font that is great for headlines and social media if you want to create an impact. 

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Which Is Your Favorite S Style?

In this article, I showed you the letter S in different font styles. Part of creativity is exploring other styles, and this is what we did here. Try using pairings of fonts and text styles to create new visual experiments. 

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