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Samsung launches Expert Raw camera app for photo enthusiasts

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
Samsung has released the Expert Raw camera app.
It offers a variety of pro camera functions, as well as multi-frame RAW support.
It’s only available on the Galaxy S21 Ultra running Android 12 for now.

Samsung‘s camera app is pretty full-featured already, offering functionality like Single Take, Director’s View, 8K Video Snap, and more. But what if you need more enthusiast-level features? Well, you’ve got features like RAW support, but the company has just released a separate camera app too.

The Expert Raw camera app has been released in beta by Samsung on the Galaxy Store (h/t: Tizen Help), and it brings features like multi-frame-based 16-bit RAW support to the main, ultra-wide, telephoto, and periscope cameras. By comparison, the standard app only allows for RAW shots when using the main and ultra-wide cameras.

The app brings multi-frame RAW support to zoom cameras as well, while also letting you export RAW profiles to Lightroom.

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