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Dining Around The World
Dining Around The World

Canadian Table Manners

  • 5 Incredibly useful Tips of Dining that will Act as your Saviour in Ontario
  • Do not forget to add 12-20% to your bill when you’re dining out. Waiters expect tips there.
  • Always be on time when you’re invited for dinner and do try to bring a small gift for the host.
  • Do remember that turning down a dish that you do not like is not considered rude in Ontario. But make sure that you’re polite.
  • Always offer your host to divide your bill evenly instead of letting him pay the whole when you are dining in Ontario. Unlike Quebec, it is totally acceptable there.
  • Do not leave food on your plate when you’re done eating. Try to finish everything that you have served for yourself, as leaving food is seen as a sign of not liking the food.
What are the basic table manners?

Taking food from someone’s plate without their permission is not a good thing, it is rude. When you’ve finished your meal, put your cutlery together. If you’re taking breaks, keep them in an X shape.

What is a good table manner?

Table manners are, generally, about eating well, being treated with respect, and being grateful to the host. These are not only specific to social situations or public places – but eating at home is also important.

Table Manners of New Zealand

5 Mistakes You Will Never Want To Make Again When You Are Dining In New Zealand

  • Don’t add a tip to your bill when you’re eating in New Zealand, as it is very rare there.
  • Instead of asking the waiter to bring a bill at your table, go to the counter when you’re in New Zealand. It will be helpful in telling that either you want a combined bill or bill per plate.
  • Always try to follow the Continental style when you’re dining in New Zealand, as you might look odd while following the American style.
  • Do not lick your fingers after eating something using your hands. It is considered bad manners in New Zealand.
  • Do not sit or walk on anything which has ‘tapu’ written on it or which is used for serving or preparing food, as it is considered highly impolite.

Table Manners of Turkey

5 Reasons you Should never Take a Meal in Turkey for Granted

  • Do not fill your own glass if you want to drink anything while having a meal in Turkey. Let your neigh
  • Do remember that it is totally acceptable to ask for a second serving in Turkey. Also, this is considered as a way of complimenting your host.bor fill it for you and fill his glass when he wants.
  • Be prepared to sit on the floor for a meal when you visit rural areas in Turkey. It is their tradition and they generally eat from one large bowl, instead of separate plates.
  • When you’re a guest at someone’s home in Turkey, insist on serving the eldest member first. This is a way of showing respect and complementing your host.
  • Don’t decline when someone offers you tea or coffee, as it is a nice gesture in Turkey. Also, don’t hold your tea glass from the stem, hold it from the top.

Table Manners of sweden

5 Swedish Dining Tips You Must Know

  • Don’t start eating until your host/hostess says ‘skoal’. This is the toast which is made by the host to indicate the beginning of the meal.
  • While going to a Swedish party, always remember that you should not arrive before the designated time. Don’t be late either.
  • Never ever ask your server to come by waving or calling his/her name, as this is considered as a very rude gesture. Make eye contact for the same.
  • Do not forget to say ‘Thank You’ for almost everything your host does for you. Thank him/her for changing your plate, pouring wine, delivering a new meal, etc.
  • Avoid taking the last piece from a common dish. Ask others if you want to eat that.

Iceland’s Table Manners

5 Table Manners of Iceland that Leave Outsiders Amazed

  • Before eating the last piece of food, always ask everyone who is sitting on the table whether they want it or not, as it is considered polite.
  • Don’t tip when you are dining in Iceland. Tipping is not there in Iceland.
  • Do not forget to bring a bottle of wine when you are going to someone’s place for a meal.
  • Always remember that it is acceptable to grab a dish on your own instead of asking someone to pass it while dining in Iceland.
  • Always keep in mind that people of Iceland like to add spice to their dishes and therefore they add a lot of seasoning to the food.

Chinese Table Manners

5 Ways to Dine in Like Chinese Do

  • Do not ever sit or start eating until the most senior member or the guest of honour is not seated or has started eating.
  • Leave your chopsticks on your plate when you have eaten your food. It is a sign for your server that you are done and he/she will remove your plate.
  • Tapping the table by using your index and middle finger is a gesture to show gratitude to the person who is pouring tea for you. It also means that you have enough tea and you don’t want anymore.
  • Do not feel awkward when you see your host serving you food with his/her chopsticks, as this is a sign of hospitality and courtesy.
  • Make sure that you thank and appreciate your host for the meal. Inviting him/her for dinner is the proper etiquette while leaving.

Table Manners of Australia

6 Dining Tips that will Act as Your Savior in Australia

  • Do not forget to bring something like wine or beer whenever you go to a barbeque party in Australia.
  • Place both your knife and fork parallel on the plate to indicate that you have finished eating.
  • Offering help to your host or hostess in making food or cleaning would be a nice behaviour.
  • Do not bring business when you are having a meal because Aussie’s do not like it. However, if they start discussing it, you can do so.
  • Do remember that you have to ask for the bill when you want to leave. The waiter will not bring it until you ask.
  • Tasting wine before it is poured is a big No No in Australia. Skip this part if you don’t want to look silly.

Table Manners of Iran

6 Things You Should Do To Follow Dining Etiquettes of Iran

  • Do remember that when the host offers you food, decline two-three times for being polite. Accept after that if you want to have it.
  • Be prepared to eat your food with a fork and spoon only, as a knife is not used as a cutlery in Iran. Use your spoon if you want to cut anything.
  • Don’t feel awkward if your host asks you to start eating first. Unlike the West, guests are asked to eat first. This is a way of showing respect.
  • Do not feel strange if you’re offered to eat food by sitting on the floor. It’s a tradition in Iran and there is nothing wrong about it.
  • Try to eat everything that is served to you. You can do this by taking a small portion from each dish. This is a way of appreciation.
  • Do not expect any toast while dining in Iran, as it is not practiced there.

Table Manners of Russia

6 Wrong Ways of Dining in Russia you should Refrain from

  • Never pour your own drink or cut your bread if you are a woman dining out in Russia, as males will do that for you. Take care of the same if you are a male by doing so for women.
  • Never leave the table before trying each and every dish that has been served to you, as this might be a rude gesture.
  • Offering your help in meal preparation will be appreciated if you are a woman however, never do that if you are a man.
  • Don’t eat everything from your plate, leaving a little portion of food on your plate is seen as a compliment for your host.
  • Always remember that your host will offer you servings again and again. Decline the offer politely if you don’t want that.
  • Keep seated on the table unless your host asks you to do so. You can get up from the table only after the guest of honor.

Georgia’s Table Manners

All you Need to Know about Georgia’s Table Manners

  •  Put your wrists on the table but never put your elbows on it when you are dining in Georgia.
  • Round up your bill if you are happy with the service, as tipping is generally not expected in Georgia. Although, it is appreciated when given.
  • Don’t decline when food is offered second or third time, as accepting it will make your host happy. Taking small portions in initial serving will help you with that.
  • Be prepared to have more than one toasts, which can interrupt you in between your meal, when you’re dining in Georgia.
  • Don’t feel obliged to eat everything that is ordered because people generally over order food here. Leaving food is acceptable in Georgia.

Table Manners of The USA

How to Master the Table Manners of the USA?

  • The people of the US love to discuss business over lunch, dinner, and breakfast. If the business meeting is in a restaurant or hotel, the person who has been invited pays the bill.
  • Place the napkin on the lap as soon as the person sits on the dining table.
  • People keep a fork in their left hand and knife on their right hand for cutting. After the food is cut, the fork is held with the right hand to eat the cut food and the knife is kept on the table.
  • Never start eating until every person is served and the host has started to eat. Offer food as well as drink to other people before serving for oneself.
  • People there serve the meal in two courses like salad or appetizer and main dish, or it may be main dish and a dessert.

French Table Manners

Say Goodbye to These 6 Things at Dining Table in France

  • Never cut the lettuce because it is seen as an insult to the cook. Use a fork to fold up the lettuce and eat it.
  • Do not ask for ketchup or Parmesan Cheese when you’re eating food in a restaurant in France.
  • Asking for second servings is a big No No in France, no matter how small the portion size is. Wait for dessert and cheese to arrive.
  • Never ever put bread on your plate. You may find it strange to see bread on the table but this is the way French do that. Therefore, try to be cool with it.
  • When invited to someone’s place, do not roam in their house. Sit where your host has asked you to sit.
  • Do not start eating until your host asks you to start by saying ‘Bon Appetit’.

Tips for Dining in India

  • Do remember that it is totally acceptable to eat with your hands, as it is a part of Indian dining etiquette. However, most people use cutlery too therefore, you can do so easily.
  • Don’t offer any leftovers or something that has touched your mouth to anyone to eat, as many people find it unhygienic to eat something from which you have taken a bite.
  • Always remember that sharing food is appreciated in Indian culture. Therefore, try to do that when you’re eating with someone in India.
  • Be prepared to see a lot of dishes on the table when you’re invited to someone’s place in India. Unlike other cultures, there isn’t any system of courses and all the dishes are generally served at once.
  • Don’t get surprised when your host serves you again and again. It’s a way of affection, decline politely if you don’t want it anymore.

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