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Why isn’t Adobe Reader working on Windows 10?

At the point when Adobe Reader isn't working with Windows 10, administrators can find a couple investigating ways to amend the issue. Start with Adobe's AcroMonitor device.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a free PDF viewing tool that is valuable in numerous endeavor situations. Yet, clients should frequently manage a blunder that makes Adobe Reader not work with Windows 10.

As an IT administrator, you ought to be acquainted with some investigating steps to fix the issue.

At the point when clients attempt to pursue Acrobat Reader it is sent, they’ll probably run into not many issues, assuming any. It’s likewise conceivable that provisions will not work effectively. Then, the clients will get mistakes or the application will crash, freeze or hang.

Tracing the issue

In case you’re investigating Reader issues, a decent spot to begin is with Adobe‘s AcroMonitor apparatus, which gathers data about the framework climate, running cycles, and other log information. The instrument allows you to assemble interaction and library dump data, just as information from the cycle screen log. The device can likewise furnish you with a rundown of installed applications. You can run AcroMonitor yourself or have the client run it and afterward send you the information for the investigation.

Adobe additionally gives the Log Collector apparatus to investigating issues that your clients may run into. For example, a mistake of Adobe not working with Windows 10. The device can gather information from an assortment of Adobe logs and save them as .zxp records. You would then be able to share those records straightforwardly with Adobe. Two of the main log documents are installer and updater, which track data about application installations and updates. Assuming you need to catch information about Reader crashes, you may have to refresh the Windows vault. And also, make an uncommon dump organizer. You ought to be cautious when refreshing the library, nonetheless; an unpracticed administrator could make changes that outcome insignificant issues.

Troubleshooting and fixing Adobe Reader

Regardless of whether Reader is the main Adobe item on your clients’ computers, you could in any case run into application issues. Prior to attempting to investigate any issues, you ought to painstakingly survey the Adobe documentation, particularly prior to refreshing the library. You ought to likewise consider that investigating issues on a Mac will be not quite the same as a Windows framework.

Lamentably, Adobe documentation isn’t in every case clear on which steps to take for sure instruments to use to address Reader issues. In any case, you can likewise discover data on the Adobe discussions and through different assets.

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